How many miles are included during my rental?
600 miles
How much if I go above the mileage?
The cost is 0.18 cents per mile
Do you deliver or pick up?
Pick up only
Do they need a certain insurance limit?
You are required to have Li (liability) and Physical Damage (Comprehensive & Collision) coverages.
What is the minimum age to rent a vehicle?
What documentation do I need to rent a car?
major credit card, valid driver’s license, and proof of insurance.
Can I add another driver?
Yes, with an additional add on fee.
What do I do if I have been in an accident?
**IF ANOTHER DRIVER HITS YOU** – Get their name, phone number, picture of their license, picture of their insurance and police report. Send a message with that information as well as the time and place of the incident and what happened. Also let me know if the car is drivable.

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Can I go outside the US?
Can I choose what car I want?